I wrote my first poetry book: Letters to My Stepping Stones!

Stepping stones are stops/moments/obstacles/points of growth that lead you to your ultimate destination. A feeling that everyone can relate to in some aspect is love. In the context of this book, the “ultimate destination” is my ultimate love, my future wife, which makes my stepping stones the women I have met/known/connected with/loved before her. Letters to My Stepping Stones is a series of short poems to the women who have crossed my path throughout my life. It is a book about love, pain, lust, growth, and exploration. I hope you enjoy it.

How to purchase my book:

I take Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal. If sending via PayPal please send as Friends & Family.

Venmo/CashApp: MissBrit1031

PayPal: MissBritArt@gmail.com

The book is $20 and shipping is $5. Once you have submitted payment, please email or text me with your mailing address and I will mail the book out the next day.

Email: MissBritArt@gmail.com | Text: 917-442-7839

Thank you for all of your support! <3