Art is Personal


 Whenever people see my art up close they ask me two questions: 1. How long does it take? 2. Where do you get your inspiration from?               

     The answer the first question is: long. Very long. I am a perfectionist, so each piece of paper needs to be the right shade. Shape. Weight. It needs to be seamless and perfectly jagged at the same time. So pieces can take days to weeks to months. What's important to me is not banging out as many pieces as possible just to have a huge library of work, but creating pieces that are imperfectly perfect and have every inch of me scraped, cut, and glued to the T. 

     The answer to the second question is darkness. Darkness always makes people think of sadness and pain, but darkness is also the parts of yourself that you don't speak out loud. Can't share with a stranger. Can only be released in whispers. On paper. With your hands and words and tears. And those things can be happy. And imperfect. And beautiful. It is stillness. Painting is the only thing that shuts my brain off, and I just AM.

     I think the best art is the art that's hard to make. It's the painting that makes you cry at 3am. The poem that forces you to relive your toughest challenges. It digs deep, it begs for honesty, it exposes you to parts of yourself you didn't know existed. It claws, and pulls, and scratches the most beautiful cuts into your skin, so deep its healing.

I hope you like what you see - Brittany M.